V. P. Crowe



Excerpt from SCALES

originally published by Electron Press

by V. P. Crowe

Fallen, not from eyes,
but from body slumped and whipscarred,
they lie in drifts, faded silver gleam
scattered through charred feathers and debris.
Barest glint reflected now, in heavy, slitted eye,
of proud tilt and sweeping tail arched in shining flight,
of breath that painted fading, western skies
now come to this, reduced
to stalking pigeons beneath the bridge.




V. P. Crowe has been on the Dallas poetry scene since 1993, reading and working first with Joe Stanco's Poets' Roundtable, then the Greater Dallas Community of Writers and the Dallas Poets Community. V. P. 's work has appeared in Electron Magazine, Red River Review, and assorted collections and anthologies. She lives in the suburbs with a mad scientist, the future Emperor of the World, and a houseful of fur. When she isn't working at her day job, she says, she reads and Googles obsessively, fusses at her kids, talks to animals, cries at movies, hikes when she can, writes when she must, and lives for those manifestations of nature and the human heart that leave – just for a moment – pure joy and hope in place of remembering how to breathe.