Alan Gann



Blue and Wild

                                                        by Alan Gann

thunderless rain is just wet
but let the sky crack and sizzle
bellow groan and howl

on this turbulent night
anything that loves the world
must love me 

and my dirty dishes
my unfinished novel
sticky slices of golden mango

on this bottomless night
when my tongue lingers
around your too sweet belly

and every hair stands on end
rolling clouds flash rumble beat
discordant singing lusty and loud

for whatever loves this world
and feeds the untamed heather
everything that looks away or flies

yes on this fallen night yes
when your tongue does not linger
and the feral river churns

Blue and Wild originally appeared in the March 2011 issue of Red Fez.





Alan wakes up every morning wondering if today is the day, and so far, every day has turned out to be the day. He spends some of those days working facilitating creative writing workshops in at-risk schools, and teaching 8th-grade sex education at his Unitarian Universalist church. Other days are spent biking, bird watching, and photographing dragonflies. As a long time member of the Dallas Poets Community, he serves on their Board of Directors and helps edit their literary journal, Illya’s Honey. Alan’s poetry has been published in many journals including Sentence, Main Street Rag, Borderlands, North Texas Review, and the Texas Poetry Calendar. In 2011, Red Fez nominated his work for a Best of the Net award, and in both 2011 and 2012, he Red River Review nominated his poems for Pushcart Prizes. One day Alan hopes to make the leap from anonymity to obscure regional poet