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      figment shadows

by JDarrell Kirkley

conductor waves his baton

symphony responds

until the house lights go

down ...didn't see the


strong stage lights directly

above ... highlight foreheads

shadow faces


french horns behind reed

section ti third chair a

young lady shifts my my

attention drawn to her

shadows form

roundness of her cheeks

hairline set



orchestra harmony filters

through me     l study the girl

it's   yes it's    its mo

she plays the french horn

my daughter marisa

when did she learn

she is beautiful ...eight years

have not faded ...relief dances

within ..we ..visit . laugh ...talk

l've  missed you dearly

a wonderful reunion

above the music ... i hear          


my stare becomes blocked

interruption ....cheers

standing ovation ...arms in air

the conductor acknowledges

each section ...french horns

my favorite ....house lights

come up

shadow figments disappear

bright faces ...a lovely

young lady stands with

french horn


my wife asks   did you enjoy


oh ..very much so









In 1975, JDarrell Kirkley founded JDK Communications for the purpose of producing  & directing corporate films and video shows.  www.jdkcom.com

Mr. Kirkley is a holder of two U.S. Patents (1982) for his invention of the "Safety Light" for runners and joggers. His painting “A Tribute to the Survivors of 9-11”, was presented to New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg at Gracie Mansion in 2002 by the city of Dallas. Due to a family tragedy,  Mr. Kirkley writes poetry to help cope with grief and with the healing process. He has had two poems published on www.redriverreview.com and five poems published on the Masonic Poets Society, www.mpoets.org.  As a member of DPC, he has been the Graphics Editor of the past six Illya's Honey books.

Kirkley is a 32Degree Scottish Rite Mason and a Past Master of Highland Park Lodge #1150 in Dallas. www.highlandparklodge.org Also he is a member of the Grand Lodge of Texas.

With his wife, Judy, he has recently published "From Under the Bridges of America", an anthology book of poetry about homelessness with contributions from 70 talented poets from across the Country, for the purpose of raising funds for homeless facilities.



Thanks to 70 talented poets that contributed
poetry about homeless people.