Barrie Neller



May the Spirits forgive

                                      by Barrie Neller

The sun rises as if earth’s deities
open an eye to view their new day.
Breezes breathe their collective sigh
for the ending of the night.
Inconceivably beautiful colors splash
then streak the canvas of the sky.
Man marvels at nature’s gifts while
struggling with the meaning of life,
the mystery of the cosmos and its role
in this planetary plot. Asking the question
never answered: Is it a dream or demanding
reality? While the country’s holy vastness
and natural splendor is put at risk as man
sacrifices his sacred inheritance -- builds
dwellings of mass destruction, pollutes
waters, cuts forests, burns grasslands,
destroys deserts.


Born London, 1932 to show biz parents.
Evacuated to Lancashire in 1940. Attended
Hutton Grammar School, near Preston for six years.
Attended Seaford College, Sussex for two years.
Served two years in the Royal Irish Fusiliers   
in Northern Ireland and Germany. Emigrated to Canada
in 1956. Moved to New York City in 1965 then to Dallas,
Texas in 1968.
Barrie spent his working life writing advertising copy          
including a thirty-year partnership with Gloria Kane in a
Dallas based advertising agency Neller And Kane, Inc.     
Creative awards include a television CLIO. In 1973
he was voted one of the 100 Most Creative People in
He started writing poetry in 1990 when his first grand-child
was born. In addition to his own chap book, he has poems in
three chap book anthologies, and has been published in Red
River Review and Illya’s Honey.          
Barrie is a member of The Dallas Poets Community
and WordSpace.