Neal Ostman


        Dutchman’s Temples


                              by Neal Ostman

The avenues – shaded footpaths,
beneath walls of slick, thick glass, 
which husks steel cribs of arbitrage.
Vaunted bins filled with cyber moneymen.
Canyons that flood bobbing pencil heads,
2B soft, 3H hard, millions.

In a shadowed cleft, 
Lexington and Grand Central,
myrmidons surge from the rail-runs.
They choke the gray walks.
Flaunting packs, sacks, and laptops,
matadors of unconcern
dodge among the limos,
cabs and blue-fume
farting trucks.

Yellow seedpods race ‘n jostle
swirl past the piggeries,
crate their desiccating molecules
out-of-state Suits,
who pimp with concealed charts.
They seek takers and rush the doors,
clamber the counting houses-
high, higher!
Until they reach those precious,
teakwood boardroom lips
of Midtown!




Neal Ostman began writing poetry in 1998. Since then, his poetry has appeared in paper and e-zines including:  artsDFW guide; ComradesUK; Electric Acorn, Dublin, Ireland; The Fort Worth Poet;; Illya’s Honey 2010; New Texas 2001; Niederngasse; Pierian Springs; Red River Review; and Wired Art from Wired Hearts.  In addition to poetry, his published credits include, humor and op-ed columns and business articles. Neal is a member of the Dallas Poets Community and the Trinity Writers Workshop, both of Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.