Melanie Pruit







No. 1: "Time Change"

Autumn never came too soon for her.

She loved the swirl of colors in the late afternoon as she sipped tea and looked out the picture window.  Across the way she observed a boy plodding along the sidewalk.

As the youngster headed home, his backpack heavy with books, he wondered why summer ended so early.

No. 2: "Dinner at the Blue Hour"

Blue hour at the sculpture garden.
Deep, lush, lawn.
Firefly tickles the air, loses its way,
lands in the silken lair.
Along comes a spider, hungry for the kill.
S.O.S., the firefly signals for help.
Hunter diligently attacks and devours her prey.
darkness falls, tiny light wanes,
garden is stilled.













Melanie Pruit is the current vice-president of the Dallas Poets Community. She is also one of the submissions readers for the DPC's journal, Illya's Honey and the longtime host of the First Friday reading series at Half-Price Books. She graduated summa cum laude from Southern Methodist University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Human Rights Education. She currently teaches Developmental Writing at Richland College and is planning on earning a Master of Library Science degree. Her poetry has appeared in a variety of small journals, such as Amoeba and Night Roses, as well a number of anthologies, including Blood Offerings, Sense of Touch, Above Us Only Sky, and Parallax. She loves William Shakespeare, John Milton, and Marianne Moore. In addition to her work with the DPC, she does a lot of community service work with at-risk teens and has helped facilitate the annual Queer Subtext anthology at Youth First Texas. She also writes the Confessions of a Movie Queen blog.

  "Mysticism doesn't come naturally to an ironist..."
--Pauline Kael