Carol Truly


The Russian Cellist


by Carol Truly

Applause finally faded
introductions came last
I had guessed right

Your cello reminded me
Zhivago never finds Lara again
unanswered questions turn into

grace notes of longing and loss
linger like warm breath in winter air
                                 drifting away

half hidden between shadowy bass notes
adagio sobs

I reflect
on my own winters
my own broken chords

The snow owl
has come back for me
I’m returning to the silence
I heard before I was born.





I’m a self taught artist and calligrapher from Shreveport, Louisiana.  I graduated from Louisiana State University receiving a Bachelor degree in Psychology.  I moved to Dallas in 1995. 
I appreciate a wide range of poetry styles which include Haiku. 
My poetry has appeared in past anthologies of The Creative Community, as well as Illya’s Honey and Red River Review. 
Love to garden, and I’m quite proud of my Bonsais , cacti and  pansies.

Seven years ago I began a serious study of vintage ornamental writing styles.  This led to teaching a workshop at The Creative Arts Center, a local non profit that offers art classes to the public.  I’ve also taught art to seniors at Churchill Estates.  Collage and acrylics have been my recent focus, but I’m experimenting more with assemblage. 

My art has appeared in the popular mixed media magazine Somerset Studio, and has been shown in juried shows at the Mary Tomas gallery in the Dallas design district.  I’ve also shown art at The Flying Fish in Ben Wheeler, TX and had a one woman show at CC Young Retirement Center.

I’m a member of The Creative Community, a Dallas Based group of writers and artists.  I’m also a member of The Dallas Poets Community. 
My last full time job was at Whole Foods .

I spent about seven years talking to people about nutrition, herbs and vitamins .  I have one daughter in Colorado.